We are the Official Corrosion / Rust Conversion Paint for the Port of Los Angeles!

*The Port of Los Angeles is the largest port in the United States

Water-Based, Nonflammable, Non-Toxic and lowest VOC’s in the industry

Revolutionary water-based coating with characteristics of both rust conversion, and rust prevention on corroded, and non-corroded surfaces.

  • Unique demonstration of moisture absorption which allows it to penetrate to the root of the rust cells, interfering with corrosion bloom as it converts red rust to black rust.
  • Water-based to meet the rising demand of eco-friendly coatings along with exhibiting a direct response to the nature of rust.
  • Water is necessary for rust, and rust conversion – Sabi Killer Pro’s unique formula is designed to create both strong adhesion and durability.
  • Sabi Killer Pro is eco-friendly with ultra-low VOCs/non-flammable and delivers long-lasting rust resistance up to 15,236+ hrs*.

*ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test and still under observation

A testament to the durability of the product is their paint has been in testing “salt chambers” for 15,236+ hours… and still going


1000 hours equivalent to 4 years in outside environment
(varies depending on environment)

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Current Projects

Port of Los Angeles Cruise Ship Terminal Bridges

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