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Long lasting protection

Impedes the production of rust from the root to prevent it from spreading

Exceptional productivity

Can be applied over corrosion, non-corroded surfaces and in tandem with various paint layers at the same time without restrictions.

Impacts surface preparation and cleaning

Reduces labor costs by using St-2 and/or hand power tool preparation. Remove loose paint and rust with sandpaper, wire brush, and similar methods.

Strong adhesion

Paint in general does not adhere well to zinc plating. Sabi Killer Pro’s unique formula produces strong adhesion, even on zinc plating.

Compatible with most topcoats

When solvent-based coatings are used over water-based paint, it can lead to problems like wrinkling and peeling. Sabi Killer Pro is compatible with most topcoats.

Exceptional rust-prevention as a primer & sealer

Excellent prime coat before applying intermediate and topcoats. Can be used over corrosion-inhibiting coatings to increase corrosion resistance and address the high-level of needs in the existing U.S. infrastructure. When applied over an existing coating (water-based or solvent-based), it can have the effect of preventing further wrinkling and peeling.

Rust conversion reaction

You can see it work! When applied directly over rust, the coating’s conversion reaction is readily apparent when transitioning to a black, or brownish color.